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18th November 2018
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18th November 2018

What kind of Tracking options does the Platform provide?

The Platform provides various tracking options for your Landing Page.

These are available on the Page Settings Tab:

Analytics & Remarketing: Allows tracking a variety of metrics related to the Landing Page performance, including browsing scope, conversion rates, the ability to generate audiences from the visitors and more. The code is obtainable on the Google Analytics site and is required to be pasted in the designated box.

Conversion Code: The code used to track Landing Page conversions within a Google AdWords advertising campaign. To use it on the Landing Page copy-paste it into the designated box.

Facebook Pixel:  A code that allows tracking the Landing Page performance on Facebook, including measurement of browsing scope, conversions, audience generation and more. The code is obtainable on Facebook Ads Manager and is required be inserted in the box.

Google Tag Manager:  A tool that allows you to manage multiple codes on your Landing Page from one place in a centralized manner. It can include a combination of Analytics codes, conversion codes, and other codes. In order to use the tool it is required to define the different codes in the Google Tag Manager (GTM) interface and plant the GTM code obtained in the box on the Settings Screen:

To enter the tracking information you wish to include on your page, copy-paste the codes into the relevant boxes on the Settings Screen and press Save.

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