How do I login my account?
5th November 2018

How to create an account on InforUMobile?

To create an account on InforUMobile visit: and press on the Create Account button on the menu:

This will lead you to the account-creating page where you will be required to supply the following information:

Full Name – The First and Last Name of the account holder.

Company – The Company/ Firm / Organization that the account is to be associated with and who will use the account for its business purposes.

Email Address – The Email address of the account holder. It will serve as the account Username. You will be required to use it, along with the password, in order to login the account. As well, this address will serve us in communicating with you on an ongoing basis. Support materials, information on how to use the Platform and tutorials will be sent to it. Note that an account cannot be opened more than once for a specific email address.

Phone number – The phone number of the account holder.

Password – The password you wish to use in order to access the account. It must comprise of six characters and above, of which at least one is a letter and one is a digit. For your own security, please refrain from sharing the password with any other party.

Aside from this, you will be required to accept the InforUMobile Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy by ticking the box.

After filling the form press on the Open Account button. The account will immediately be available to you. To login press on the Login button on the website.

Once the account is open, an email with account information and user support materials will be sent to the email address you provided on the form. If you are using Gmail, check your Updates or Promotions tab to view this email.

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