How can I see my Landing Page Live while editing it?
18th November 2018
How can I run A/B Tests on my Landing Pages?
18th November 2018

How can I see my results of my Landing Page?

Once you have created your Landing Page you can see the results of its views.

On My Landing Pages screen you will see a list of all the pages you have created todate on the Platform. You will be able to recognize each by the name you gave it. For each you will see:

  • The number if views accumulated – how many times the page was presented on Desktop and how many times on Mobile.
  • How many Lead Forms were submitted.
  • How many times the Click2Call button was pressed.
  • What is the current Conversion Rate – Forms plus Calls divided by Views.

If you click on the Plus icon on the left you will find a breakdown of the data by traffic type – Mobile vs. Desktop.

Each page can be accessed for editing by clicking its name or pressing the editing icon on the right. Note: the page is live from the moment it is created. Any change you make in it will be seen by viewers the moment it is made.

On the Reports tab on the top menu you will find the list of your pages, their main stats and action buttons:

  • Statistics – Will lead you to seeing the results in a graphic format and with a breakdown by traffic source.
  • Export form details– Allows downloading to your computer an Excel workbook with the data left by each lead who submitted a form.
  • Export calls – Allows the same in reference to the Click2Calls.
  • Export SMS traffic – Allows the same with one addition – each lead is indicated also by their phone number. This is useful when sending the page by SMS and marking on the SMS Sending Screen the “Allow Identification” option.
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