How can I see my results of my Landing Page?
18th November 2018
What kind of Tracking options does the Platform provide?
18th November 2018

How can I run A/B Tests on my Landing Pages?

It is very common to run A/B Tests on landing pages as to optimize their results.

To run a test on the Platform press the Tools tab on the menu, and then press A/B Test and Create New A/B test.

You will arrive on the A/B Test creation screen where you will be able to select the Pages you wish to compare (up to 5) and set the viewing percentages (default set at 50%-50% but can be of course changed as you see fit):

When you wish to start the Test press on Save and Start A/B Test.

Once the Test is up and running you will see the conversion results on the A/B Test screen and will be able to amend the percentages or edit the pages for optimization.


  • A given page can participate in one A/B Test only at a time.
  • Once the Test has been activated it can no longer be reversed to Draft. Nonetheless, you can pause the test at any moment you wish by pressing the Pause button.
  • The Test URL is always Version A’s URL.
  • Once a Test is running you will not be able to delete Version A from the Platform. If you wish to stop driving traffic to it go to Edit A/B Test and drop the viewing percentages for A to zero (0%). Subsequently you will be required to reallocate viewing percentages to the remaining versions.
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