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6th November 2018
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6th November 2018

How can I manage my Optouts on the Platform?

Optouts on the Platform are managed at a contact detail level – Phone number and Email address apart.

To manage your Optouts you must first access the Contacts Management area accessible from the Platform toolbar:

or from within the SMS module:

Press the Optouts tab on the Contacts Management Menu.

On the Optouts screen you will find all Optouts accumulated todate -on the Platform – those optedout on your initiative and those who optedout on their own account.

Hovering over each grid-line will allow you to change the Optout status of the contact detail and view its history.

To import Optouts press on the Import Optouts button:

To import Optouts type or paste the list of details to be optedout in the box.

These are to be placed in a column format one after the other:

Next insert your details on the right and press on the Remove button.

The Optouts will be immediately processed by the Platform. As soon as optedout you will not be able to send messages to the numbers appearing on the list. That is true also in the event you include them in the recipients designated to receive a message you are sending.

If a contact detail has been optedout and you wish to cancel the optout and reinstate it go to the Contacts screen. On it locate the Contact you wish to make the change in relation to (you can use the search bar).

Once located Hover over the Contact on the grid, you will notice a lock action icon appearing, press on the icon:

This will open the status window in which you can make the required changes by pressing on the toggle and entering the necessary details:

When done press Update and the changes will come into force.

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