How can I affiliate leads to my Contacts on the Platform?
18th November 2018
How can I build a GDPR-compliant Leads Form?
18th November 2018

How can I manage my Landing Page Leads?

Once a visitor submits a form on your page they are considered as a Lead on the Platform.

Subsequently they will appear on your Leads Reports and in parallel you can be notified of them as incoming leads in numerous ways:


On the Landing Page Settings Screen:

you will find the notifications options:

Leads Notification by Email – Enables an email with the leads details to be sent to a designated email address the moment the lead submits the form.

Periodical Leads Report by Email – Enables receiving a report once every few days set and in it will be included all the leads accumulated since start of the present month.

Leads by API – Enables to send all leads online to a designated API address of our choice.

Notification by SMS – Enables to receive a text message notifying us that a lead was received.

Leads Reports

Whether you wish to receive a notification on leads or not, all leads information is automatically stored on the Platform and can be accessed whenever you wish.

To see the leads info go to the reports tab on the top menu and press on the Export form details button related to the page in question:

Alternatively, you can go to the Leads tab on the menu and see the leads received from each of the pages you built on the Platform. These can be managed by status.

Adding a Lead to your Contacts

A lead logged on the Platform as one is still not part of the Contact Data Base.

If you wish to integrate their details into your Contacts Data Base, in order to among others be in touch with them in the future via SMS, go to Additional Actions on the Landing Page Settings Screen and tick the “Add lead details to Contacts” checkbox:

Once you tick the checkbox a Drop Down menu with a list of all you Contact Groups will open for you to select to which Group you wish to affiliate the leads.

To integrate the lead a Group must be chosen. If you have yet created the designated Group you wish to use, go first to the Contacts module:

and press there on Create Group:

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