How can I change a Contact’s Optout status?
6th November 2018
How can I manage my Optouts on the Platform?
6th November 2018

How can I manage my Groups on the Platform?

The Contacts Management area is accessible from the Platform toolbar:

and from within the SMS module:

To reach the Group Management area press the Groups button on the Contacts screen:

On the Groups screen you will find all the Groups set on the Platform todate. For each you will see how many active Contacts it includes, when was it created, what type of Group it is and more.

When hovering over a grid line action buttons will appear. With them you will be able to view the Contacts affiliated to the Group, edit the Group and delete it. Further action options are available under the top Actions button:

These include assign or unassigned contacts to Group, merge two Groups and more.

To Create a new Group press the Create Group button:

This will lead to the Group creation screen where you will set the Group attributes (such as Category for tagging purposes) and will import Contacts to the Group:

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