How can I edit a Click2Call button on my Mobile Landing Page?
18th November 2018
How can I see my Landing Page Live while editing it?
18th November 2018

How can I edit my Thank You Page?

Once a visitor fills the Lead form (or any other type of form on your Landing Page) they will arrive at a thank you page where they will be able to see that the details were logged and the information they submitted has been received. This thank you page can be edited, much like the main page. To do so press the Edit Thank You Page button under the Desktop or Mobile Settings button:

To edit the Thank You Page the same editing principles apply in both Desktop and Mobile Versions.

All page elements are available for incorporation from the menu (apart for the form elements).

Feel free to include any relevant information on this page as to ensure your leads are nurtured while waiting for you to get back to them:

The same applies to editing of the Mobile Thank you Page:

Once you’ve finished editing the Thank You page press on the Save & Return to Main Page button at the top of the editing area.

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