How can I build a Landing Page on the Platform?
6th November 2018
How can I edit an image on my Landing Page?
14th November 2018

How can I edit a text box on my Landing Page?

To edit a text box press on the editing icon over it and on the Edit Text button that will appear on the left:

Once pressed a lightbox will open in which you will be able to actually edit the text. You can run over the given template text or change its phrasing by typing the desired text in the box. To change the font type, size, color, etc. use the upper toolbar buttons, as you may be accustomed from other editing softwares. Once done press OK in order for the changes to be saved:

To change the text box background press on Edit Background:

Select the color of your choice in the lightbox that will open. To view all color options press More Colours and select a tone from the palette:

To change the text box padding, as to allow a wider or narrower box space, simply insert pixel values in the padding fields. As well you can alter the line height and text box radius by entering the values you wish. Once done press the Save button at the bottom of the screen:

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