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14th November 2018
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18th November 2018

How can I edit a Leads Form on my Landing Page

Editing a Leads Form on the Mobile Version of the Landing Page

To edit a leads form press the editing icon appearing when hovering over it. This will open the editing options on the left. You will find at the top a breakdown of the fields that are included in the form:

Each field naming can be edited by typing its updated name in the box, it can be set as a required field by ticking the “Required” box, its position can be moved around the form by dragging it from the blue rectangle on the left and it can be deleted. To add a new field that does not currently exist in the given form, press the “Add” Dropdown:

You will find a long list of optional fields to be incorporated in your form. To select any of them click the desired option with the mouse. The field will be inserted at the bottom of the form. To reposition it drag it from the blue rectangle on the left:

To change the form design – field colours, background colours, font colour and the likes – press on the colour fan under “Field Design”. A lightbox will open to enable setting the various colour attributes of the form. Once all options are set press on Save:

To edit the submit button browse down and go to “Submit Button Design”. The call to action can be typed in the box while the design aspects are to be set under the adjacent colour fan. As well you can edit the button size, call to action font and further attributes:

Once you are finished editing the above form aspects press on the Save button at the bottom of the settings area as to ensure your changes are saved.

Editing a Leads Form on the Desktop Version of the Landing Page

Press on the Form tab of the Page Elements Menu located right on top of the Desktop Stage.

You will find in it the various form fields the Platform offers.

To include a field on your page drag it from the menu to to Stage.

Unlike on the Mobile Version where the form is editable as one chunk, on the Desktop one each field is to be dragged and placed on the Stage  separately as to provide you with full flexibility where and how to place it.

Alerts on Leads

On the Landing Page Settings Tab you will find the various settings options related to both the Mobile and Desktop Versions of the page:

Once a visitor submits a form on the page you can be notified of it to allow returning to them quickly and efficiently. In this respect, you have three notification options that can be used simultaneously:

Leads Notification by Email – Enables an email with the leads details to be sent to a designated email address the moment the lead submits the form.

Periodical Leads Report by Email – Enables receiving a report once every few days set and in it will be included all the leads accumulated since start of the present month.

Leads by API – Enables to send all leads online to a designated API address of our choice.

Notification by SMS – Enables to receive a text message notifying us that a lead was received.

Of course, apart for sending notifications, all leads information is automatically stored on the Platform and can be accessed whenever you wish. To see the leads info go to the reports tab on the top menu and press on the Export form details button related to the page in question:

Alternatively, you can go to the Leads tab on the menu and see the leads received from each of the pages you built on the Platform. These can be managed by status.

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