How can I import Contacts?
6th November 2018
How can I change a Contact’s Optout status?
6th November 2018

How can I edit a Contact on the Platform?

The Contacts Management area is accessible from the Platform toolbar:

and from within the SMS module:

When hovering over a contact on the Contacts screen action buttons will appear. By help of these you can edit the Contact and its status:

The Contact editing screen includes all the fields and information related to the Contact – identification, contact details, affiliation to Groups on the Platform, custom fields and status:

All information is editable. Changes made must be saved by pressing the Save button.

If you wish to change the status of a Contact’s contact details (for example Optout the Contact from the Platform or cancel the Optout if they wish to be reinstated) press on the lock in the Contacts grid:

This will open the status window in which you can make the required changes by pressing on the toggle and entering the necessary details:

When done press Update and the changes will come into force.

Categories: Contact Management and GDPR, SMS