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14th November 2018
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18th November 2018

How can I edit a Click2Call button on my Mobile Landing Page?

Drag a Click2Call button from the Mobile Version side menu to the Stage.

Place the button where you wish to have it on the stage by dragging and dropping it with your mouse.

To edit the button hover over it on the Stage and press the editing icon. This will open the editing options on the left.

Here you are to:

  • Optional – Edit the Call to Action if you wish to change the default text”Call Us”.
  • Mandatory – Insert the Phone number that is to be dialed by the page visitor once they press the button. Please use numbers bearing an international code prefix prior to the number.
  • Optional –  Edit the design attributes of the button. To do that press on the colour fan. Note that you can edit the design attributes, or upload a button image from your computer, or otherwise use an image from the button gallery offered on the Platform:

Once done press Save.

Note – Click2Call buttons are available only on the Mobile Version of the page since they are designated for Mobile usage only, as opposed to Desktop.

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