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13th May 2019
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3rd October 2019

How are message segments calculated?

Messages containing Regular English Text can contain up to 160 characters in order to be considered as one segment.

Messages containing Special characters such as emojies, €, £ can contain only up to 70 characters in order to be considered as one segment.

Here are some examples of the said classification:

Examples of REGULAR characters:
* English letters – Aa B b Cc Dd…Zz
* Digits – 0123456789
* Punctuation marks – ! @ # ^ & * ( ) < > ? ; ” ` ~ . [ ] { } + – = _ \ | :
* Dollar currency symbol – $
* Percentage – %

Examples of SPECIAL characters:
* Non-English letters such as – 漢,  東 , д, ف
* Letters with accents such as – à, Ê, Ö
* Certain currencies notably – €, £, ¥
* Symbols such as – Δ, Θ, Λ, Ξ, Π, Σ, Φ, Ψ, Ω
* Emojies and colourful icons such as – 🌷, 🎂, 🏠, 🌟

Note – Classification of characters as Regular or Special ones is dictated by the GSM SMS sending protocol. It is not something the SMS provider controls or decides upon and it is as such observed by all mobile networks worldwide.

If you send messages containing more than one segment, the segment calculation will vary due to the message concatenation (allowing messages to be received on the recipients’ phones as one long message).  Detailing available here:

When typing your message on the Platform you will be able to see at all times the number of accumulated characters you have as well as the total of segments reached:

Note – When preparing your message it is advised to type the text directly on to the typing pane on the sending screen, as opposed to copying it from an external source. Often when text is copied it brings along with it characters that are not supported as regular ones. These affect the segment count, therefore avoiding them is preferred.

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