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30th January 2018

How can SMS help my business?

Businesses across the world rely on SMS for communicating with their customers. With 17 years of experience behind us, we put together a list of SMS-related actions you can undertake today in your business, to help you increase sales, grow your customer club, run your daily operation and bond with your customers.

 Increase Sales

Weekly sales promotions

People love a good offer and are price-sensitive. If you have a promotion going on, and it’s of value to your customers,  send them the details by SMS and refer them to your store or website to take advantage.

Exclusive offers to loyal customers

Show your returning customers your appreciation, by sending them exclusive offers and fostering their loyalty. An incoming text with flash deal for those customers who stick around is always nice for them to receive.

Birthday greetings

Be a part of that unique day. Send your customers your wishes for a lovely birthday and add in a benefit to make that day even more special. They’ll appreciate it.

Exposing new products

Adding a new product or service to your portfolio? Want your customers to be aware of it? Send them a text and get everyone’s attention immediately.

Returning abandoned customers

It’s natural for customers to cease using a service or product from time to time, but you don’t necessarily have to be passive about it. Stay in touch with those who have begun to look elsewhere, remind them you are here and offer them a coupon to re-engage them.

 Grow your Customer Club

Optins by SMS

Allow your customers to join your Members Club by sending a text to a dedicated number provided by the Platform. All optins will be automatically added to your Contact Lists and will receive an Auto Responder by SMS to get the communication started.

Collect leads with landing pages

Build a Landing Page on the Platform and include in it a signup form affiliated to your Contact Lists. Run an advertising campaign on Facebook or Google, refer your prospects to the Landing Page and collect leads. Wish to maximize your subscribers? Ensure your page offers an incentive to subscribe.

Place a Registration Form on your website

Encourage your website visitors to signup to your marketing list by help of the Registration Forms and Popups available on the Platform. Send them a welcome SMS with cupon once they’ve joined your list.

 Daily Operation

Appointment reminders

To avoid non-shows, customer frustration  and schedule interruptions it is very common for businesses to send reminders for appointments and obligations by SMS.

Alerts and notifications

Any information that is important for a customer to be aware of in the immediate term is probably crucial to them. Sending it by SMS ensures it is received and read momentously.

Purchase and order confirmations

Thanks to SMS  any business can accompany their customers from the moment of purchase until the very moment the product is safely received. Transactional notifications are  important to buyers and businesses who use them encourage repeated purchase.

 Bond with your customers

Welcome new comers

A customer just gave you their details or made their first purchase? That’s a big deal! Say thank you and welcome them into your world. Nothing beats a first impression.

Useful tips and information

People are always happy to receive useful information, recommendations and inspiring ideas. Share with your customers your wealth of expertise. After all, who knows your product better than you?

SMS surveys

Use the Platform online Survey creator to build your questionnaire and ask your customers how they feel about their experience with you. Customers who have just finished an interaction are most willing to share their thoughts. Sending a survey by SMS is super simple, shows you care and can offer extremely valuable insights.

Feeling inspired? Now it’s your turn to send SMS

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